Practice is essential to a stand-up comedy career. Sure, the School of Hard Knock Knocks stand-up comedy course will allow you to hit the ground running, but even we acknowledge that it’s still no substitute for getting up on stage, trialling your material, and bombing – often. Here’s a regularly updated list of open mic comedy rooms in Melbourne. If you know of others, or can recommend an update, please contact us.


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7 Responses to The Open Mic Comedy Nights List – Melbourne

  1. Danny says:


    Just wondering whether I can perform stand up at Club Volataire on Friday night this week? I am up from Townsville, how long can the sets last?

    • Team SHKK says:

      G’day Danny,
      We don’t manage the rooms – we just keep this list up to date. Best for you to contact Voltaire directly.

      But, and there’s a huge BUT, the comedy festival has just begun, which means all the open mic rooms are busy with shows.

      Check out the comedy festival website for shows to see while you’re in town:

  2. Bibi Wong says:

    Hi Gentleman
    I was do open mic at Yarraville on Sunday l am so lucky the audience laugh whole time on my performance what a support. And the MC ask if l can come back next Sunday to do again! I can’t believe it, what a amazing time. Thank you for helping me, appreciate that.

  3. HEY hi how are ya, My names Nicholas, I’m 16 and I would like to perform at your comedy club. Just give me a shot coach I WONT LET YOU DOWN. At lest email me with a reply whether it be a no or a yes so when I become famous I can be like hey SHKK… fuck you.

  4. Phil says:

    Am interested

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