Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here’s some of the answers to common questions that we get asked at the School of Hard Knock Knocks:


Q. If I book, but then get sick, do I lose my spot?

A. Nope! We’ll transfer you to the next course. And if you get sick again, we’ll keep transferring you. The record to date is 4 transfers!


Q. If I do your course will I then be guaranteed a spot at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF)?

A. The School of Hard Knock Knocks selects the best graduates from the year to perform in our ‘Best Of’ show. If you’re the ‘best’, then you’re guaranteed, yes.


Q. Do I get gigs after graduating?

A. Our graduates get invited to perform at a number of unpaid open mic rooms, namely Punchlines Comedy Club, Cruz Comedy Club, and Comedy Hounds. Also, those with more stage time will be invited to perform as the ‘middle bracket’ comedian at our monthly graduations. This gig is paid!


Q. When I sign up to the face-to-face course, do I get access to the online course too?

A. Yes, the online course is part of the full face-to-face course. You’ll get access to the online course as soon as you register, which means you can prepare before the course begins.


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