Tick Off ‘Stand-up Comedy’ from your Bucket List

IF YOU’VE JUST WOKEN FROM A COMA, you won’t know that the term ‘bucket list’ means a list of things that one would like to do before dying – that is, before ‘kicking the bucket’, or going back into a coma. According to the Wall Street Journal, it was screenwriter, Justin Zackham, who coined the term when he was composing a checklist that he called “Justin’s list of things to do before he kicks the bucket”. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO READ MORE…

The Doug Anthony All Stars – Abusing Your Way to Success

I FIRST SAW THE DOUG ANTHONY ALL STARS, or DAAS if you are in a hurry, at the Union Building in RMIT University, Melbourne. It was 1994, and the trio had reached a decade into their abusive, in-your-face, yet somehow intellectual, comedy careers, that sprouted from the streets of Canberra where they first busked. Tim Ferguson, tall and charismatic to the left. Paul McDermott, scraggy and clearly ADHD in the middle. And poor Richard Fidler to the right, so sweet and innocent, mum’s favourite, maintaining decorum through the strum of his guitar. READ MORE…

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017

IF YOU’RE NOT FROM MELBOURNE or you are, but have never left the house because you believe exam results are more important than a personality, then there’s a slight chance that you’ve never, ever heard of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF). Now in its 30th year, the MICF is one of the three largest comedy festivals, next to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival. HA, HA. I WANT MORE…

How to Deal with a Heckler

PARKING INSPECTORS AND COMEDIANS have one thing in common – abuse from the general public. No matter how good your jokes, no matter how many friends you have in the audience, one day you will receive a heckler. Hecklers fall into two categories – they criticise your joke, or they get personal, and criticise you. But be warned, regardless of their level of rudeness, shutting down a heckler too early may lead to alienating the rest of the audience. But, when it’s time to shut them down, here’s seven ways to do just that. THIS IS GOOD. I WANT MORE!

Why are Zombies Funny?

FIRST THERE WAS ‘SHAUN OF THE DEAD’. Up until then zombies were only grotesque, not hilarious. But Simon Pegg and Nick Frost changed the rules proving that zombies could be slap-stick, while you slapped them over the head with a stick, or a baseball bat. You get my meaning. Now’s there’s Australian ‘Me and My Mates vs. The Zombie Apocalypse‘. Much like ‘Snakes on Planes’, ‘Me and My Mates vs. The Zombie Apocalypse’ gives away the plot in the title. But few watch zombie movies, even serious ones, for any twist. I’M LOVING THIS PROSE…

How do You Write a Joke?

THERE’S MANY WAYS TO write a joke. At the School of Hard Knock Knocks stand-up comedy course, we teach three. The one that we’ll share on this blog, is our favourite joke structure – the Normal-Normal-Twist. The Normal-Normal-Twist takes the audience on a familiar journey and then suddenly zigs sideways, with a surprise. And no, we didn’t invent this. It’s been used by comedy greats for aeons, even Jerry Seinfeld…CURIOUS TO READ MORE?

Could You be the Next Nelson Twins?

THE SHORT ANSWER IS ‘NO’ – unless you have a twin and your dad’s name surname is Nelson. But we weren’t talking literally, were we? We were talking metaphorically – could you be the next hot stand-up comedy act out of Australia? Well, Yes. Possibly. So what do you need to make it big? Well, firstly you don’t need to be from a big city like Melbourne. If you believe what the twins say in their act, Chris and Justin Nelson were…READ ON.

The 3 Types of Stand-up Comedy Course Students

THERE’S THREE TYPES OF PEOPLE who enrol in a stand-up comedy course, at the School of Hard Knock Knocks here in Melbourne. Those that want to be a stand-up comedian, those that have a bucket list to tick off, and upcoming best man speech givers. It’s not difficult to fill up our stand-up comedy classes with budding comedians. Melbourne, after all, is the stand-up capital of Australia…WANT MORE? CLICK HERE!

Why Melbourne is the Stand-up Comedy Centre of Australia

THERE’S A STATUE OF BURKE AND WILLS at the corner of Collins and Swanston Streets, right next to the Melbourne Town Hall – the centre of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Burke and Wills are famous for not only going where no European Australians had travelled before, but for seriously over-packing, and under-preparing. Nineteen men, 23 horses and…CLICK FOR MORE HILARITY

Source: Geoff Penaluna @ Flickr

5 Thinks You Probably Don’t Know About Stand-up Comedy

IF YOU ARE READING THIS, then chances are you like, nay, you love stand-up comedy. You love its rawness, its randomness, combined with the closeness you feel, of having a one-on-one conversation. But this is what you don’t know about this odd profession…READ MORE

Why Should You Learn Stand-up?

THERE’S MANY REASONS WHY you might be signing up for five evenings of stand-up comedy training. So which category do you fit into? …FIND OUT HERE

Why should you learn stand-up

Know Your AUDIENCE in Comedy

A COMEDIAN COULD KILL ON ONE NIGHT, but bomb on another, with the only difference being the audience. Conducting an AUDIENCE analysis is one way of preparing before the big gig. Here’s the first three letters explainedSEE MORE

Know Your Audience in Comedy

Building Confidence in Stand-up Comedy

STAND-UP COMEDY CAN BE TERRIFYING. Jim Jefferies compares it to acting, stating that acting is “harder than a lot of things in life, but it’s not as hard as stand-up comedy.” If a pro like Jefferies thinks it’s tough, then you better believe it! But it doesn’t have to be all sweaty palms and tears…READ MORE

Building Confidence in Stand-up Comedy

Creating Ideas for Comedy

JUST ABOUT ANY TOPIC is open for a comedian, but there is one thing you must not do – and that’s steal another comedian’s material. Even if you do steal a joke, it’s unlikely that other comedians will tell you that they know. Instead, they will avoid working with you, or talk behind your back. Don’t kill your career by being lazy…READ MORE

Generating Ideas for Comedy
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