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Is performing stand-up comedy your New Year’s Resolution?

We’ve all been there. It’s new years eve, and armed with one too many chardonays we announce to complete strangers that this year we’re going follow our dreams! *hick* And this year, our new year’s resolution is going to be…perform stand-up comedy! There’s one of two scenarios at this point. ONE Your friends start laughing at you (notice: not with …

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Meet the Aussie comedy company that pays its customers

It should be a joke, but it’s so successful. One Aussie company, the School of Hard Knock Knocks, has turned the traditional business model of suppliers being paid by customers on its head. Instead they pay their customers! So what is their business? They teach stand-up comedy. The business model flip isn’t a marketing fad either. The school was established …

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Online Stand-up Comedy Courses

If you’ve ever wanted to learn stand-up comedy, but don’t have the time to hit the late night open mic nights, or undertake a stand-up comedy course, then an online course might be for you. Here’s a comprehensive list of online stand-up comedy courses to choose from: School of Hard Knock Knocks Online Course Price: AU$199.95 | Learn more If …

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Comedian Quiz

So you enjoy comedy, eh? The question is, “how well do you know your comedians?” Take this 2 minute comedy quiz to find out. Powered by

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Can stand-up comedy help mental health?

“The mind works in mysterious ways” – and the stand-up comic utilises this to reach deep into his or her psyche to find something that will make us laugh. So what happens when comic relief comes from someone with a mental illness? Often, it’s highly inventive. A mental illness can often take its sufferer to places that the sane never …