Melbourne International Comedy Festival Review

MICF Review – Charisa Bossinakis – Paquito

Comedian Charisa Bossinakis is young, attractive and intelligent – and uses these traits to work the room and build rapport. Her latest hour show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival…

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MICF Review – Michael Shafar – 50/50

Comedian Micheal Shafar is a sublimely charismatic and genuinely likeable performer with the kind of comedy that is relatable, hilarious and full of honest observations that I guarantee would even…

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MICF Review – Willem Richards – Like to Play Pretend?

An inspiring and energetic performance was enjoyed by those attending Willem Richards’ ‘Like to Play Pretend?’ at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival. This…

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MICF Review – Game Boys – Cinematic Universe

Highly entertaining from start to finish, Game Boys – Cinematic Universe takes you from all the way back in time in a galaxy far, far away, to theme parks featuring cloned dinosaurs and prehistoric…

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MICF Review – Carvin H Goldstone – The Other South African Comedian

There’s few topics that are taboo when you’re part Indian, Zulu, Jewish, and plump. And in a display of misdirection, acting, and observational comedy, Carvin H Goldstone seamlessly and…

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MICF Review – Cameron James – Chilled Out/Fired Up

Several months ago I had the pleasure of being introduced to the comedy of Cameron James. He was the crowd pleasing headliner, performing at Riverina Comedy Club in Wagga Wagga, to a massively warm…

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MICF Review – The Kagools – Kula

Two ladies from cities in the UK most Australians have never heard of, wearing an item of clothing most Australians wont know, driving vehicles most Australians have never seen. And yet The Kagools…

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MICF Review – Gavin Sempel – Plain and Sempel

For someone so lightly framed, Gavin Sempel’s humour packs a punch. Indeed, the seemingly incidental goings on in most people’s lives, become highly visible targets, ripe for the Sempel comedic…

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MICF Review – Alex Edelman – Just for Us

Edelman is one of the rising stars of stand-up, winning the Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Newcomer (a difficult trick for an American), he’s supported Ricky Gervais, and has a special on…

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MICF Review – Rich Hall

The “Cranky Yank”, a true seasoned professional with an impressive CV including performances on Saturday Night Live, is able to have the audience laughing by mocking the politically correct…

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MICF Review – Phil Wang – Kinabalu

Few comedians could successfully weave the Human Papillomavirus, or HPV, and male feminism into a hilarious joke. But that’s no problem for ‘Old Wang’. The Malaysian born Brit, who…

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