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ARE YOU COMPETING AT RAW COMEDY? Or one of the comedy festivals across Australia this year?

Then don’t risk your future comedy career or reputation. Get comedy coaching from Bradford Oakes, one of Australia’s most experienced stand-up comedians, comedy writers, and performers. Since 1989, Brad has written for Hey Hey It’s Saturday, The Comedy Company, Full Frontal, Jimeoin, as well as assisted household names in stand-up comedy polish their material before their festival shows.

So how does it work?

Click on the button to get started. Then upload a 5 to 10 minute video of yourself performing either at a show, open mic night, or in your living room (must be wearing trousers).  You’ll then receive a breakdown of your gags focusing on:

– structure,

– volume, tone, speed and pauses,

– as well as body language.

Brad will also help to polish your jokes, to lift the decibels of laughter.


Learn more about Brad Oakes by listening to this interview:

Ready to begin? Simply:

1. Click the button and pay $49.95.

2. Upload your 5 – 10 minute video.

3. Receive written feedback from Bradford Oakes within 48 hours of review of footage.

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