In-House Workshop

Team Building & Corporate Events 

PUT THE LAUGHS back into your company and build resilience, with a team building or company event organised by the School of Hard Knock Knocks.  Based on adult learning principles and proven comedy techniques, you’ll have the dullest employees engaged, and the most gregarious fulfilled. Staff will also develop the important stress-reducing skill of being able to see the ‘funny-side’ of a challenge. This course is ideal for: – Motivating sales teams, – Mid and end of year team buildings, and – Off site get aways to reboot tired brains.


2 hour session: $1500 + GST per day

Half day session: $2000 + GST per day (includes comedy manual)

Full day session: $3,000 + GST per day (includes comedy manual)

Session 1 –  Writing a joke

Learn three ways to write an original stand-up comedy joke. Get trained in ‘normal-normal-twist’, ‘nonsense-in-all-seriousness’, and the ‘not-so-obvious’ comedy techniques.

Session 2 – Your Audience and Taboos

Learn to gauge your audience and how to recognise and manage taboo topics, or raise them confidently and with purpose.

All students receive the School of Hard Knock Knocks’ app, with access to video and audio advice and activities.

Session 3  – Volume, tone, speed and pauses

The words we use are important, but also how they are delivered. Using varying volume, tone, speed, and pauses will ensure a line moves from ‘ho hum’ the ‘HA HA’. A little tweak here or there makes all the difference.

Session 4 – Body language and confidence

Body language and confidence are important for stand-up comedy as well as presentations and leadership. Learn how to remain calm in front of senior leaders, or groups of hundreds.

Session 5:  The SHOW!

The moment you have been working toward! Perform your stand-up comedy routine in front of the immediate team, or the entire company. The School of Hard Knock Knocks also includes the option of having the performances filmed and edited for prosperity.


“We had a great session here at Mercer.” – Sean Churchward, Product Development Leader, Mercer

For more information, email morry@schoolofhardknockknocks.com or call 1300 068 882.

Meet Your Teachers

Ben Horowitz

Ben_Horowitz_headshotBen is the co-founder of the School of Hard Knock Knocks, and personally developed the curriculum that has been delivered to hundreds of students and their audiences. 

Dave Ivkovic

A 15 year veteran of comedy, Dave Ivkovic is a performer and seasoned teacher. As a member of the School of Hard Knock Knocks stand-up comedy faculty, Dave is experienced in managing teams as small as 5 or 6, to as large as 50 or 60.

Morry Morgan

Morry Morgan is the co-founder of the School of Hard Knock Knocks and has been working in the field of corporate training and team building for over 16 years. He is a three-time TEDx presenter, and has handled groups as large as 300. 

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