Online Stand-up Comedy Course

LEARN HOW TO BRAINSTORM, write, polish, and perform all from your PC or mobile phone, with the School of Hard Knock Knocks’ Online Stand-up Comedy Course. With video, audio, examples, and interactive community discussions, you’ll build new sets and build your stand-up comedy career. The online program is based on the full 5 day course.

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Full Course – $195.95 includes GST

Valid for 12 months of purchase

The Basics
– Jargon
– Types of Comedians
– Watching the Pros


Joke Structure
– Normal-Normal-Twist
– Nonsense-in-all-Seriousness
– The Not-so-Obvious


– Understanding your AUDIENCE
– Taboos


Generating Content
– Experiences
– Work
– Random Word
– Omitting a Given


Building Confidence
– Body Language
– One Person, One Thought
– Visualising
– Practice, Practice, Practice

– Starting Powerfully
– Volume, Tone, Speed and Pauses
– Crowd Work
– Segues
Remembering Your Set


Controlling a Room
Dealing with a Heckler


The Close
– The Call Back


What’s Next
– Open Mic Nights
– Networking
– Social Media and Your Fans
– Join Our Next Course

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