There’s a certain personality that is attracted to stand-up comedy. You don’t need to be a nudist, appear in zombie flicks, or have lived in a share-house full of comedians and acrobats, but if you did, it might help.  You’d also be Bev Killick.

As early as 10, Bev knew that performance was for her. But as you’ll hear in this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast, it wasn’t a straight line down from Townsville to Melbourne. There were a lot of pool table baby sitters, boob-based comedy, regular appearances at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF), and the continued support of an inclusive community for comedians. Today, Bev is one of the most well known stand-up comedians in Australia and managed by A-List Entertainment.


One Response to 009: Bev Killick – The community of comedy.

  1. Joan Jacques says:

    I enjoyed this podcast because you got deep with Bev and found out how she ticks. Most interviews are only skin deep.

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