Some might say that Christine Basil was a late starter in the stand-up comedy scene. But she didn’t let her marriage, kids and dogs get in the way. Kicking off in 1991, Christine has since taken her comedy around the world, and seen her write and perform TV comedy shows including Full Frontal, Totally Full Frontal, and Skithouse, to name a few. She also had a successful stint on commercial radio. With that experience, it’s no wonder she’s a popular comedy coach for up and coming comedians on the Australian comedy festival circuit.

In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode, we discuss her visual approach to writing jokes, her advice for up and comers, and being truthful to oneself in comedy. If you’re starting out in comedy, or have been on the open mic circuit for a while and need a boost, you’ll enjoy this interview with Christine Basil.

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