Adam Rozenbachs has an impressive comedic resume that includes writing, broadcasting, acting, and of course stand-up. His humour has been known to be cutting at times, and in this interview Morry and Adam discuss poorly timed Tweets and bouncing back after a media backlash. Adam also shares how he generates new material, why it’s important to have a people around you as a sounding board for your comedy, and why Kabul has great comedy scene.

And finally, Morry talks about his Raw Comedy heat and Adam’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, ‘Hold My Beer‘.

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One Response to 046: Adam Rozenbachs – Bringing comedy from Carlton to Kabul

  1. Jackson Jones says:

    Excellent interview. I enjoy Adam’s no-punches-pulled comedy style. Stand-up is becoming to sanitised these days with people getting ‘offended’ at a moment’s notice. Keep up the shock and awe in comedy!

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