Ross Voss is an Adelaide based comedian and room runner. With over 10 years in comedy, and experience producing shows at the Adelaide Fringe, as well as Cranker Comedy, Ross knows comedy – and Adelaide.

In this interview Ross sheds light on the Adelaide comedy scene, provides advice for newbie comedians, and inspires a new School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast tradition – the ‘Pay It Forward Joke Challenge’. Each episode our interviewee lays down a joke topic for the next episode, so listen to our next episode to hear an original joke on ‘barbies’ – thanks Ross Voss.

And, if you’re based in Adelaide, and would like to try your hand at stand-up comedy, we’re running a full course from June 4 to 8, with resident comedy teacher, Glynn Nicholas, Ross Voss himself as our guest comedian, and our very own alumna, Kim Da Cruz. Early bird tickets are on sale already, so visit www.schoolofhardknockknocks.com to secure your spot.

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