Lee Ton first tried his hand at stand-up comedy in 2008. Ten years later, and with a couple of comedy courses under his belt, Lee has found himself performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF), headlining with Richard Stubbs, and being specially cast for a reality stand-up comedy TV show, “Is This Thing On?“.

Lee’s recent success has been sudden, but as you’ll hear in this School of Hard Knock Knocks, he took a considerable break from comedy to raise a family, before returning to the craft only two years ago. This break from comedy has helped him mature, gain material, and ultimately return to his passion at full speed.

And if you’re interested in learning stand-up comedy, then join the June 24 – 28 course in Melbourne with The Nelson Twins, or alternatively, if you’d like to become a reality TV celebrity, application to be a comedy student in “Is This Thing On?” is still open. Click here to apply.

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