New Zealand born, Brisbane raised, and globally travelled, Chris Wainhouse, has been in the comedy game for over 20 years. The son of a fundamental Christian mother, it should come as no surprise for those that know Chris’s material, that his views are somewhat different – after all, he called his most recent Melbourne International Comedy Festival show (MICF) ‘The AntiChris’. Yeah, he’s going to hell.

In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast Chris Wainhouse and Morry Morgan talk about awful Christian comedians, taboos or rather the importance of not having any taboos in comedy, the advantages of having a comedian as a partner, and comedy advice.

And a quick advertisement. This podcast is sponsored by the School of Hard Knock Knocks online comedy course. It’s the full curriculum of the classroom course, only delivered online. Visit www.schoolofhardknockknocks.com and click on ‘Online Course’.

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