Want to Learn Stand-Up Comedy?

THE SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCK KNOCKS combines modern adult education techniques with coaching from some of Australia’s and abroad veteran stand-up comedians into a fun, practical, and highly effective stand-up comedy program that launch a budding stand-up career or help ticket that bucket list.

Founded in 2015, comedian Ben Horowitz and educator Morry Morgan have built a program that students are raving about. Don’t take our word for it; check out the student testimonials!


Pre-Course: Online course access to prepare.

Day 1 – Sunday: The Basics & Finding yourself

Day 2 – Monday: Your Audience and Taboos (with guest comedian)

Day 3 – Tuesday:  The Opener (with guest comedian)

Day 4 – Wednesday: The Heckler and The Closer

Day 5 – Thursday: Final rehearsal, Performance and Graduation
(with guest comedians)


Pre-Course: Access the entire school content before the course begins.

Day 1 – Sunday: The Basics, Finding Yourself, Joke Structure and Preparation.

Day 2 – Monday: Generating Content and Building Confidence.

Day 3 – Tuesday:  Delivery and Controlling the Room.

Day 4 – Wednesday: The Close and Graduation Preparation.

Day 5 – Thursday: Final Rehearsal, Performance and Graduation
(with guest comedians)

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