August 25 – 29, 2019

The Duke of Brunswick, Adelaide

Only 5 spots left

(Until course starts)

THE SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCK KNOCKS (SHKK) 5-evenings stand-up comedy course runs from Sunday to Thursday, 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm, from August 25 to 29, 2018. You’ll get the SHKK comedy manual, video of your graduating performance, and lots of coaching from the resident comedian, Gerry Masi (aka Mad Dog Malcolm),  our guest comedian, Mickey D (aka Mick Dwyer), as well as input from our SHKK alumnus, VB (aka Viet Bui).

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Student and Concession – $450 + GST

Early Bird – $500 + GST (before August 11 only)

Bring-a-Mate-Rate – $800 + GST (2 people)

Full Fee – $700 + GST

Day 1:  Sunday – The Basics & Finding yourself (with Gerry Masi)

Introduction to the basics of stand-up comedy and the jargon of the comedic industry before launching into the deep end with your very own mini set. Then, it’s time to learn the ‘Normal-Normal-Twist’ technique and get your creative juices flowing!


Day 2:  Monday – Your Audience and Taboos (with Mickey D)

Learn to gauge your audience and how to recognise and manage taboo topics while learning confidence building/ fear smashing techniques. You’ll also get input on your set from our guest comedian, Micke D.


Day 3: Tuesday – The Opener (with Viet Bui)

Learn to write a strong open to your comedy set. Tonight students will also have the opportunity to refine some of their own writing, and learn about the open mic circuit, the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and life after graduation with alumnus Viet Bui.


Day 4: Wednesday – The Heckler and The Closer (with Gerry Masi)

Practice delivering your set as well as building skills to deal with the dreaded (or welcomed) heckler before polishing a strong close to your set ready for tomorrow’s graduation ceremony.


Receive your own full colour #SHKK manual, filled with advice, jokes and links to videos, as well as a video of your final performance.


Day 5: Thursday – Graduation Night and Performance 
(with Gerry Masi, Mickey D, and Viet Bui)

The moment you have been working toward! Perform your stand-up comedy routine in front of family and friends, conquer your fears and perform alongside three professional stand-up comedians.

MICF LogoGraduates of the School of Hard Knock Knocks also have the opportunity of performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, in our very own ‘The Best Of‘ show.

Learn stand-up comedy in Adelaide - August - 2019

For more information, email catherine@schoolofhardknockknocks.com or call 1300 06 8882.

Meet Your Teachers

Gerry Masi – Resident Comedy Coach

Gerry Masi Comedian

Adelaide’s own Mad Dog Malcolm (aka Gerry Masi) is one part crooner, one part used car salesman, but all ladies’ man. Combining witty one liners, audience involvement, and a smooth jazz singer’s voice, Mad Dog is an incredibly entertaining performer. And he’s our resident comedian for the month of March at the Adelaide School of Hard Knock Knocks. Don’t miss out on having this truly multi-skilled comedian coach you in stand-up comedy.

WATCH Mad Dog in action.

Mickey D – Guest Comedian

Mickey D ComedianMickey D (aka Mick Dwyer) is a truly international comedian, having lived and worked in the UK for over a decade. He combines his energy, charisma, and wit to the delight of his audience. Mickey D burst onto the comedy scene as a 17 year old and made an immediate impact, storming the national finals of JJJ’s Raw Comedy. Thankfully for us, and the students of the School of Hard Knock Knocks, Mickey D returned to Adelaide, and he’s now our guest comedian!

VB – Returning Alumnus

Viet Bui (VB) ComedianEach course the School of Hard Knock Knocks invites a graduate to return to perform as our ‘Returning Alumnus’. They also get paid! This month that talented alumnus is VB, aka Viet Bui. Since completing our stand-up comedy course in 2018, VB has been tenacious with his comedy career, performing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and even producing his own show, The Misfits

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