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Life on the Australian comedy circuit

The Aussie comedian’s journey is tough. Unlike the US, where large comedy-club-supporting cities are separated by a few hours drive, it can take a day, or longer to get to the next audience in…

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Gavin Sempel – The hard road to Raw Comedy

The audio interview of this transcript is available here. Morry: Comedian Gavin Sempel is one of the hardest working new comics in Australia. At the age of 18, in March 2016, Gavin Sempel began his…

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071: Michel Connell – The intellectual’s comedian

 You can’t say a bad thing about comedian Michael Connell. He’s quite possibly the nicest guy in stand-up comedy, if not the world. He’s also got an incredible intellect, which…

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013: The Nelson Twins – Double trouble from Walbundrie to China

The Nelson brothers – you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Well, that’s a bit unfair. They might look alike, but as you’ll hear in this School of Hard Knock Knocks…

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