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Gavin Sempel – The hard road to Raw Comedy

The audio interview of this transcript is available here. Morry: Comedian Gavin Sempel is one of the hardest working new comics in Australia. At the age of 18, in March 2016, Gavin Sempel began his…

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5 tips for open mic comedians, by seasoned comedians

Starting out in stand-up comedy in Australia is tough. Open mic gigs are in the evenings, often on a weekday, and the audience is usually comprised of other comedians with zero interest in your gags.…

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Comedy Community Funds New TV Show

One part comedy, one part drama, and one part documentary; The School of Hard Knock Knocks (SHKK) has just wrapped up the filming of their TV pilot, “Is This Thing On?“. The brainchild of…

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The Stand-up Comedy Disruptors

When it comes to stand-up comedy, not much has changed in the last 30 years. Turn up to a pub that runs an open mic night, perform five minutes of embarrassing jokes – repeat. Do that for three…

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016: Dave O’Neil – From Captain Cocoa to Captaining Aussie Comedy

Chances are you’ve laughed at a Dave O’Neil joke. This is because not only is he a seasoned stand-up comedian, but dave’s been writing for Australian TV comedy shows since 1994…

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010: Evan Hocking – The leap of faith in going full time

Jumping from a part-time to full-time stand-up comedian is terrifying!…

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004: Brad Oakes – Stand-up to TV to radio. The many careers of a comedian

Brad is one versatile comedian. He's notched up stand-up, TV and radio and today coaches top comedians.…

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