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Jeff Green – Building a comedy career, twice!

Listen to the audio of this interview by clicking here. Morry Morgan: Jeff Green. Thank you very much for your time today. Jeff Green: Hello Morry. Well, we know each other anyway, because I’ve…

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078: Seizure Kaiser – Overcoming the politics of stand-up comedy

Sydney based Seizure Kaiser is not afraid to broach edgy topics in his comedy. And performing stand-up is only one of his talents, since he’s also a comedy producer and promoter. In this School…

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069: Jeff Green – Building a comedy career, twice

If there’s a single take away message from this interview, then it’s about embracing change. British born comedian, Jeff Green, was at the top of his game in the UK, performing as an…

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065: Rik Roberts – Comedy under Christian constraints

Rik Roberts runs the School of Laughs. But not in Australia. Rik is Kentucky born and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, which will explain our two contrasting accents. As you can guess, like the…

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019: Greg Fleet – The Accidental Comedian

 Greg Fleet is Australia’s bad boy of comedy. On stage and off, ‘Fleety’ has made a name for himself for pushing the boundaries and living life to its fullest. TV, movies,…

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018: Steve Hughes – The Arduous Journey of Stand-up Comedy

Comedy in the raw. The good, bad, and exhaustion associated with this career.…

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Why Zombies are Funny

FIRST THERE WAS ‘SHAUN OF THE DEAD’. Up until then zombies were only grotesque, not hilarious. But Simon Pegg and Nick Frost changed the rules proving that zombies could be slap-stick,…

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