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031: Richard Stubbs – Never be creative without passion

Never be creative without passion. …

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028: Sonia Di Iorio – Jumping into the deep-end of comedy

Jumping in the deep-end is sometimes the best way to start a comedy career.…

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025: Ben McCarthy – What do you want to do when you grow up?

Which comedian mapped out his comedy career at 12? That'll be Ben McCarthy. …

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022: Doug Chappel – Overcoming challenges to build a comedy career

Comedy can be driven from challenges, as is the case with Doug.…

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019: Greg Fleet – The Accidental Comedian

 Greg Fleet is Australia’s bad boy of comedy. On stage and off, ‘Fleety’ has made a name for himself for pushing the boundaries and living life to its fullest. TV, movies,…

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016: Dave O’Neil – From Captain Cocoa to Captaining Aussie Comedy

Chances are you’ve laughed at a Dave O’Neil joke. This is because not only is he a seasoned stand-up comedian, but dave’s been writing for Australian TV comedy shows since 1994…

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011: Simon Taylor – From tweets to television. The winding road of comedy

Chance favours the prepared mind in a career of stand-up comedy.…

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010: Evan Hocking – The leap of faith in going full time

Jumping from a part-time to full-time stand-up comedian is terrifying!…

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007: Dave Callan – Winning friends and influencing people in comedy

There's something funny about the Irish accent, frizzy hair and beards. This man has all three.…

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The Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017

IF YOU’RE NOT FROM MELBOURNE or you are, but have never left the house because you believe exam results are more important than a personality, then there’s a slight chance that…

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