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033: Cam Barber – Improving better presenters with comedy

Not all students of the School of Hard Knock Knocks plan to become a professional stand-up comedian. Some do it to improve their business presentation and keynote skills, which is the reason for this…

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004: Brad Oakes – Stand-up to TV to radio. The many careers of a comedian

Brad is one versatile comedian. He's notched up stand-up, TV and radio and today coaches top comedians.…

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003: Samuel See – Be inclusive when insulting your audience.

Performing comedy in Singapore requires keeping up with current affairs and not rocking the boat too much.…

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002: Tim Ferguson – How abusing audiences in Canberra can lead to stardom

Tim Ferguson has taken his abusive style of comedy from the streets of Canberra to New York and London, as one-third of the Doug Anthony All Stars. Back in Australia, and still performing, Tim also…

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001: Ben Horowitz – From punches to punchlines

Comedy has ups and downs, but it's less violent than boxing.…

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