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Gavin Sempel – The hard road to Raw Comedy

The audio interview of this transcript is available here. Morry: Comedian Gavin Sempel is one of the hardest working new comics in Australia. At the age of 18, in March 2016, Gavin Sempel began his…

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076: Gabe Hogan – Raw comedy, radio and cliques

Comedian Gabe Hogan has been a Raw Comedy state finalists twice. She’s also built a solid comedy career that has extended into commercial radio. In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast…

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072: Marc Ryan – Bogans and Raw Comedy

 Adelaide comedian, Marc Ryan is a self diagnosed bogan. He’s also a state winner, and national finalist of Raw Comedy, and through his success has been able to go full time – although…

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The Raw Story with Ben Horowitz

Comedian Ben Horowitz knows Raw Comedy well – he entered three times. His first brush with the amateur competition was in 2002, and although he did pick up two footy club gigs immediately…

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063: Chris Wainhouse – Dark humour and the importance of taboos

 New Zealand born, Brisbane raised, and globally travelled, Chris Wainhouse, has been in the comedy game for over 20 years. The son of a fundamental Christian mother, it should come as no surprise…

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060: Khaled Khalafalla – How comedy killed the radio star

Khaled Khalafalla has had a meteoric rise in comedy. But it could have turned out very different. Born into a medical family of surgeons and dentists, and growing up in Saudi Arabia and New Zealand,…

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059: David Tulk – ‘No Filter’ but still lovable

David Tulk has been performing stand-up comedy for the past 15 years, and today he’s a regular feature at comedy rooms around Australia. A straight talker, Tulk’s rough edges are…

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057: Paul Sharplin – Jumping in the deep end of comedy

Paul Sharplin has only been in the comedy game for 15 months. But that hasn’t stopped him from competing at Raw Comedy twice, and running a comedy room – Guerilla, in the Melbourne suburb…

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MICF Review – Gavin Sempel – Plain and Sempel

For someone so lightly framed, Gavin Sempel’s humour packs a punch. Indeed, the seemingly incidental goings on in most people’s lives, become highly visible targets, ripe for the Sempel comedic…

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054: Cameron James – Building a comedy brand with your own hands

Sometimes anonymity can give you the courage to try something scary. That was the case for Cameron James, the Newcastle born comedian whose first open mic was at Comedy on Edge in Sydney, where he…

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053: Gavin Sempel – The hard road to Raw Comedy

Gavin Sempel is one of the hardest working new comedians in Australia. At the age of 18, in March 2016, Gavin began his stand-up comedy career by enrolling in the very first School of Hard Knock…

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“The Best Of” at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

A total of 39 graduates of the School of Hard Knock Knocks will be performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) this year. Each of the 12 shows, starting on April 5 and concluding…

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046: Adam Rozenbachs – Bringing comedy from Carlton to Kabul

Adam Rozenbachs has an impressive comedic resume that includes writing, broadcasting, acting, and of course stand-up. His humour has been known to be cutting at times, and in this interview Morry and…

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045: Leon Huxtable – A Raw Comedy time machine

Love comedy AND want to travel in time? Then you’ll love this episode, with Leon Huxtable, fellow Auscast Network podcaster, from ‘Yeah! G’day‘ – and budding comedian…

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041: Mike Goldstein – From chasing tail to comedy tales

American born Mike Goldstein isn’t in Kansas anymore. Sydney first, then Perth, and now Melbourne, the part Christian, part Jewish, with a dash of Sri Lankan (Yep! You read right!), has been…

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039: Josh Earl – From Tassie to television

Josh Earl knows first hand the roller coaster ride that is comedy. Serendipitously launching his stand-up comedy career with Rod Quantock in Tasmania, Josh moved to Melbourne, where he had a regular…

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038: Kelly Fastuca – American Green Cards, Chinese Whispers, and Aussie Naivety

American Green Cards, Chinese Whispers, and Aussie Naivety…

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037: Zack Dyer – Winning RAW Comedy with confidence

It takes confidence to win RAW Comedy. …

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036: Matt Okine – Life after RAW

There is a life after RAW Comedy, and it's incredible!…

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028: Sonia Di Iorio – Jumping into the deep-end of comedy

Jumping in the deep-end is sometimes the best way to start a comedy career.…

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023: Dave Ivkovic – Overcoming the mental barriers to comedy success

Comedy success requires an ability to overcome and seek new challenges.…

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005: Chris Franklin – How one bogan became a successful ‘bloke’

Chris Franklin is comedy's most successful bogan, both in comedy and music with his song 'Bloke'.…

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