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Mickey D – Pain is just an emotion

The audio interview of this transcript is available here. Steve Davis: Mickey D, welcome to the School of Hard Knock-Knocks’ podcast. Mickey D: Thanks very much for having me mate.…

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MICF Review – Phil Wang – Kinabalu

Few comedians could successfully weave the Human Papillomavirus, or HPV, and male feminism into a hilarious joke. But that’s no problem for ‘Old Wang’. The Malaysian born Brit, who…

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047: The Kagools – Building a comedic brand on slapstick

The Kagools are an award winning, mute physical comedy duo from the UK. Off stage they are the talkative Claire Ford and Nicky Wilkinson. In this interview you’ll learn about the dangers of…

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018: Steve Hughes – The Arduous Journey of Stand-up Comedy

Comedy in the raw. The good, bad, and exhaustion associated with this career.…

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Top 3 UK Comedians Today

YOU LIKELY REMEMBER THE STAND-UP GENIUSES Billy Connolly and Bill Bailey. Chance are you have DVDs of their performances to catch over and over again. But UK comedy has changed over the years. There…

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